140 km Course

The riders will compete on the flat and fast gravel roads starting from Vicenza to follow the Bacchiglione river towards Padua where they connect to the borders of the Brenta river who brings them back to the finish in Cittadella. Men elite still have to do 2 laps of 25km before they arrive, women have a direct finish.

The race starts in Vicenza and finishes in nearby Cittadella. Riders have 2 minor hills in the first twenty kilometres leaving the city, but the majority of the course follows the Bacchiglione river until Padua and then the Brenta river to Cittadella where the riders cross the finish line for a direct finish. Total distance is 140 km with 700m of elevation.

The race has 32% unpaved roads, 24% hard gravel, 1% cobbles, 10% hard surface and 31% asphalt.


On Saturday, 08.10.2022, the 140-km route is scheduled for the following categories:

  • Women élite
  • Women 19-34
  • Women 35-39
  • Women 40-44
  • Women 45-50

  • Women 50 +
  • Men 50 +




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